About Applied Cloud Systems

The experts at Applied Cloud Systems leverage the leading Cloud solutions available to businesses today. We offer the most powerful, innovative, and trustworthy technologies to meet both the daily and more complex needs of every organization. Our scalable, customized approach to projects allow us to lead your digital transformation and optimization. We assist you in both the evaluation and implementation of the right cloud solution for your business.

Applied Cloud Systems’ goal is to assist in your transition from on-premise or co-located resources with large capital outlays to cloud/hybrid solutions with predictable operating costs. Some organizations begin with moving their office productivity tools to Microsoft Office 365. Other organizations focus on transferring Back-Up and Recovery to the cloud. Others choose to move their entire data center and application platforms to the cloud. Regardless of your starting point, our team provides you the guidance and support necessary to make your journey a success by meeting and exceeding short and long-term goals.