Discover the benefits of choosing Applied Cloud Systems

The technologists at ACS will modernize your software application for the Cloud, reducing your dependency with on-prem infrastructure, simplify scaling solutions, and minimize costs. By reducing your dependency on legacy technology, you are positioning your organization to deliver solutions using Microsoft’s latest cloud offerings.

Applied Cloud Systems Application Migration Offer:

  • Collaborate with client to evaluate the results of an Azure Migration Assessment to determine specific applications which may be good candidates for migration.
  • Azure PaaS / SaaS based solution architecture diagram and product selection methodology.
  • Azure hosting cost estimates for recommended architecture.
  • Our Gold Certified Technologists will guide you through the process, enabling self-sufficiency if desired.
  • 2-3 week engagement including Proof of Concept.

Areas you may want to consider for Application Migration within your organization:

  • Dynamics on-premises to Dynamics online.
  • Legacy / Custom Applications
    • Improve scalability and availability legacy application by migrating them to the cloud.
  • Databases, not just SQL Server, Oracle too!

Applied Cloud’s breadth and depth of knowledge in all aspects of software development including, but not limited to, authentication and authorization, source code analysis and technology selection, database selection, logging, monitoring, and DevOps implementation makes ACS your go to partner!