Dynamics 365 Classic User Interface to be Deprecated in October of 2020.

In a matter of a few short months, the classic user interface in Dynamics 365 will be officially deprecated. Its replacement will be the Unified User Interface (UUI), and comes with significant changes that will impact a large number of organizations. Existing deployments will need to transition to model driven applications and JavaScript client-side code will need to be remediated due to deprications in the existing client APIs. The Migration to the UUI represents one of the most significant changes for the Dynamics platform in a number of years, and organizational impact could be significant as existing features will no longer work if not addressed.

To help organizations prepare for these upcoming changes, Applied Cloud Systems can provide a systematic approach to ensure no disruption in business operations. Our team is equipped to help assess, remediate issues, and plan for a successful transition to the Unified User Interface.

The path forward for a successful transformation

Assessment and Gap Analysis

A comprehensive review of your deployment with a documented gap analysis. The analysis will provide issues and effort estimates for remediation

Model Drive App Migration

Setup and configuration of your model driven application (s) to transition from the classic interface, including forms, views, and security controls.

Remediation Assistance

Coding and configuration support services to re-write existing client-side JavaScript, and recreate features using supported methods.

Deployment Planning & Execution

Support through the entire process including final cutover activities to the Unified User Interface and post-migration support.

Contact your Account Executive or the team at Applied Cloud to learn more about how you can ensure your organization is prepared for these changes to the Dynamics platform.