Modern Workplace


The modern workplace defines not where one works, but instead a way of working that provides flexibility and security to support a more mobile workforce. The days of working from 9 to 5  in a traditional office are quickly disappearing, and the need for organizations to provide capabilities to users to work from anywhere on any device is becoming a necessity.  This new world also requires collaboration to be a key aspect in any digital transformation as the "traditional office walls" no longer exist.  In order to collaborate with colleagues and customers, modern workplace workers need the ability to be productive while still having the ability to interact with each other.

Microsoft is at the forefront of enabling the modern workplace through their innovative solutions, and Applied Cloud Systems is ready to help you explore and implement their offerings.  The Microsoft solution stack addresses the needs of an ever-changing workforce that demands flexibility to work on multiple devices from a variety of locations.  While supporting users is key, Microsoft also recognizes the need for ease of management.  They couple their modern workplace management tools to ensure a unified approach that eases administrative overhead.