Data & AI

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of cloud-based business analytics tools that gives you a 360-degree view of your most important data. Applied Cloud Systems can show you how easily you can go from your spreadsheet to a dashboard with insightful visuals and data-rich reports. Power BI’s availability as a cloud service allows you access to your dashboards via Office 365 on your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device, or any web browser.

Allow Applied Cloud Systems to demonstrate how Microsoft Power BI can import data from most major data services, including Google Analytics, Microsoft CRM, Salesforce, SharePoint, MailChimp, Quickbooks, Facebook, Oracle, Zendesk and much more, and turn that data into usable business information.

Applied Cloud Systems offers you a business review to learn how Power BI can improve your business decision making ability.

Big Data

What is Big Data? Big Data refers to the extremely large data sets organizations acquire and analyze to expose patterns and trends. In today’s world, organizations find they are collecting massive amounts of data. Oftentimes, organizations struggle with how to optimize the information collected. Applied Cloud Systems provides organizations with the strategy and tools to analyze their data to make better decisions, which improve customer experience and engagement and increase revenues while lowering costs.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Uncover insights buried in your data to optimize the way you do business. Whether organizing human resources, managing supply chains, or forecasting staff and customer needs, understanding the factors that affect operational efficiency is essential to streamlining your business. Applied Cloud Systems provides you with the tools to understand the massive amounts of data your organization collects and translate that data into useful, understandable, and actionable reports.

Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Lake provides your organization the ability to easily store and manipulate data across platforms and languages. Applied Cloud Systems shows you how Azure Data Lake provides usable information faster with batch, streaming, and interactive analytics. ACS will show you how you can maximize your current IT investments to provide simplified data management and governance, while integrating with operational stores and data warehouses to extend your applications. Azure Data Lake solves many of the productivity and scalability challenges you face today and easily grows with your business.

Watch a quick video overview.

Cloud Data Warehousing

The influx in the amount of data organizations collect demand an agile data warehouse solution. Applied Cloud Systems offers you a solution built to handle all your data warehouse needs with scalable, on-demand capabilities ready to handle exponential data growth delivering predictive analytics in a secure environment.