With the Cloud continuously evolving, Researchers, Educational Institutions, Medical Centers and Enterprise Organizations are searching for ways to accurately track, analyze, and chargeback Azure Costs. While there are tools available that provide high level analysis, none have proven capable of providing the level of analysis needed for organizations to be optimally efficient. The inability for organizations to analyze their data down to individual Resource tags is a common problem the available tools on the market have not addressed, until now!

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How do I track my current Azure costs?

Using the Cost Drillthrough report, you can easily analyze your Azure Costs using the Billing Date slicer atop the page in combination with items in filters pane such as Subscription, Category, Resource Group, etc. Specifying a billing date or range of dates in addition to applying available filters will quickly modify the data that is displayed in either a Data Table or Charted Visualization based on what view you’ve selected.

How are my costs changing over time?

The Cost Management by Period report gives you a complete view of how your total Azure Spend is changing over time. Using the Filters pane on the right allows you take a deeper dive into the various components that make up your total change in Azure Spend over time.

How much of my Grant funding is consumed by Azure Costs?

Using the Grant Usage report Researchers, Educational Institutions, and Medical Centers can easily track Azure Costs associated to each of the Grants they’ve been awarded with respect to the total Grant amount.

How do I charge back Azure Costs?

Using the Invoicing Reports, Organizations can very easily generate Invoices to accurately charge back Azure Costs. This is increasingly important for Organizations looking to charge back Azure Usage costs associated to specific internal departments or Institutions needing to track and chargeback Azure Costs associated with Grants they’ve been awarded.

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