Scale Manager for
Windows Virtual Desktop
Simlify the management of your Windows Virtual Desktop deployment to ensure you optimize resource usage for your user community
Improving the Student Experience with Windows Virtual Desktop

As education institutions look to attract new students, the focus is clearly on improving the educational experience. Students want to gain hands on knowledge, using the latest technologies, to help differentiate themselves in the job market. Microsoft Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop can provide those capabilities to facilitate a deep learning experience for prospective students.

With Windows Virtual Desktop, students can gain access to cutting-edge tools and software leveraging pools of servers. The servers can be configured with a number of applications, including GPU-based processing, allowing students to gain experience through personal experimentation and structured lab exercises. Paring the capabilities of Windows Virtual Desktop with Scale Manager by Applied Cloud Systems can not only deliver a robust student experience, but in a cost-effective manner.

Enterprise features at an affordable price.

Session & Metric Based Scaling

Configure your scaling rules in Scale Manager’s easy-to-use interface based upon the metrics that are important to your organization.

Cost Optimization

Be confident that you are optimizing your cloud spend by only deploying the virtual desktop resources required to support your user community.

Centralized Management

Manage all of your virtual desktop host pools from a single management console, and let our AI-based control system manage your entire deployment.

Advanced Auditing

Gain access to detailed logging and auditing data to monitor scaling activities and plan for new workload deployments.

Get in touch with your Microsoft representative or the team at Applied Cloud to learn about our free trial along with Microsoft funding options to help accelerate your Windows Virtual Desktop Program.