With countless IT Organizations relying heavily on ServiceNow for their IT Services Management (ITBM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) needs, we’re developing ways for organizations to leverage their ServiceNow Systems to improve their Azure Resource Management. Importing our pre-configured Service Catalog Items into your ServiceNow system will allow users to create Microsoft Azure Resources directly in ServiceNow without needing to access the Microsoft Azure Portal.

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ServiceNow Connect

Service Catalog Item Configuration

ServiceNow Connect functions in the same way your normal Service Catalog Items work. It allows you to configure workflows, permissions and approval processes in the same manner as the rest of your Service Catalog Items.

Service Catalog Item Placed on Dashboard

You are able to place our Cloud Services Catalog Category anywhere within Service Now. You can add our pre-configured items to other Service Catalog Categories as well.

Service Catalog Item Places in Service Catalog Category

The systems is pre-configured with Service Catalog Items that are part of bundles, so you can mix and match the Microsoft Azure services you need configured from Service Now.

Service Catalog Item

The pre-configured items can be modified and tailored to provide user selections that make sense for your organization.

Service Catalog Item Approval Configuration

Our solution permits you to modify and configure any approval process for each individual Service Catalog Item.

Requested Item Updated with Microsoft Azure Resource Details

ServiceNow Connect automatically updates Requested Items with information directly without the need for Administrators or user input. For example, Storage Accounts will auto provision once the Requested Item is approved, then update the connection information right in the Requested Item so the user can connect and start using their Storage Account right away!

For more information on how ServiceNow Connect and Applied Cloud Systems can improve your organization’s Azure Resource Management leveraging ServiceNow, please call us at (855) 21-CLOUD or email us at Sales@AppliedCloudSystems.com